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Purpose of this formula / equation:


- Describe how to obtain a fair monetary world where no one is lacking for anything, where everyone has their place. This equation shows that it is possible mathematically.

- But this equation also shows that a fair monetary world on paper cannot be transposed into reality.





The formula:


[ Y(((Y-1+Z)X)-(Y-1(X+X(Y*Z/(Y(Y-1))))))-X(Z*Y+Y(Y-1))-(Y(Y-1))*(X+X(Y*Z/(Y(Y-1))))=0 for purists]

X = selling price from producers to sellers
Y = number of producers
Z = number of traders

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this formula / equation demonstrates that


- any person claiming to be able to make a just and equitable world by remaining in a world which uses money, is either

  • a liar / manipulator,
  • a person who does not master at all this subject which is the monetary economy.


- a society based on money generates injustices, exclusions, misery and not what is learned in certain schools: justice, inclusion and serene abundance.


- a society based on money generates permanent war.






Other consequences:

- From a human point of view, it is useless to depress in front of this conclusion because a postmonetary society is possible and opens serene perspectives for humanity. As long as you get out of your intellectual train.

- the word "economy" does not mean "linked to money", but "management of the house", in other words, "management of needs and resources in order to bring them into line". An economy can therefore perfectly be post-monetary.

- Promoting the social and solidarity economy, local currencies, the circular economy, or any other form of system using units of values (forms of currencies) is problematic, as this is equivalent to prolonging the existence of the dominant destructive system and does not solve any problem raised by this formula. However, these approaches give food for thought and interest in the economy. In this sense, these are good things. However, it is essential to go further in reasoning otherwise there is deception. And these deceptions kill.







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